Grouping OSC messages

Last updated by Tamas Nagy on December 12, 2016 07:41

You can grouping together values of multiple OSC Value Tracks using the same OSC address, and make one multi-argument OSC message from them.


To enable grouping you need to use the same OSC address on each Track then extend the address with the #*n*syntax, where n is the number of the argument.

So, the real OSC address should be extended by the # character, which tells Vezér this message is part of a group, then you should set the number of the argument in the group. The number should start from 1, continuity is not required.


If you have 2 Tracks and you want to join the 2 values together into one OSC message, which is /example you should set the following OSC address:

  • /example#1 - for the 1st value
  • /example#2 - for the 2nd value

Vezér will send that as /example, with the 2 values.


Bang won't work on OSC Tracks containing grouped OSC addresses yet. OSC Color Tracks not supported yet.